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Library Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations include the conditions for the manner of use of library funds and for the conduct in the Library. The Library is a specific cultural and scientific institution whose rare and exceptionally valuable materials are, under the determined conditions, made available to any interested persons (students, teachers, researchers), as well as to any Bosnian or foreign citizens.


1. Any potential user must be registered before being given access to Library funds and reading rooms. The registration is made in a membership card valid for 12 months. Entry, exit, and membership identification are made at the Reception Desk of the Library. When entering a reading room, visitors must produce a membership card and an identification document that shall be returned to them upon exit.  The duration of a visit to a reading room is recorded. Upon request by a Library employee, visitors must show the contents of the stuff they bring in or take out of the Library.

2. Library users may search the Library Catalog electronically or seek assistance from Library staff. Readers may use maximum four books or four bound issues of periodicals at a time. When requesting the Library materials, users must fill in a request form including an exact signature number and title. More information can be found in the Library Catalog.

3. Library materials are used during working hours and only in the rooms dedicated for such purpose. Taking materials out of the Library is not allowed.  Exceptionally, a written request may be submitted to the director of the Library, explaining reasons for use of such materials. Original manuscripts and other rare materials may only be used in the Library during regular working hours. For the purpose of occasional events such as public exhibitions, the decision on taking materials out of the Library shall be made by the Management Board.

4. Readers must take care of materials and return them to a librarian upon use. In case of damage or loss of materials used, users must immediately inform the Library staff who will make a report on damage/loss of the material in order to initiate creation of a committee in charge of a compensation procedure. For each individual case. The committee shall evaluate the level of damage and propose the way of compensation. It is expected that a user will first be required to purchase a new book.

5. The Library is a place that belongs to all its users. Library users must be careful of other visitors sharing the same space and materials. Noise levels shall be kept to normal conversational levels. Use of mobile phones in reading rooms is not allowed, as well as smoking, bringing in food and drinks. Before leaving a reading room, users must leave the Library materials and Library space in proper condition so that another readers may use them clean. Users who do not respect the Library Rules and Regulations shall be warned or removed from the Library if their conduct continues to be impolite. In case of a serious violation of conduct rules, users shall be removed and forbidden access to the Library. The director of the Library shall be informed of such violation orally and then in writing upon which he shall take necessary measures. The procedure per violation report must be completed within 10 days at the latest while the decision shall be posted on the Library Notice Board.