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Archive of the Islamic Community


The Archive of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of a specific type as it was developed along with the activities of its institutions.

It represents a significant and rich source of data from the history of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is part of cultural heritage of the community of Bosniaks, a valuable and irreplaceable testimony of our past.

The archives were developed in the period of 1882 to 1993. In total, they occupy a space of 564 lineal meters in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library at 46 Gazi Husrev begova street in Sarajevo. The archive currently contains thirteen funds and six archive collections. The funds are completely preserved, partially organized, and available for use. Majority of documents is written in Bosnian language while there are some in Ottoman Turkish, German, Arabic, and other languages.

During the recent aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, the funds were often moved for security reasons which caused minor damages The Archives Department of the Riyasat of the Islamic Community was founded in 1997 and it has so far processed the materials up to the level from which the perspective of the archive can be viewed optimistically.

The Archive of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina may be used by scientists and researchers, as well as by other persons engaged in scientific, publicist or similar work, under the supervision of archivists of the Gazi-Husrev bey Library every working day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Contents of the Archive include the following:

- Period of Austro-Hungarian occupation,
- Period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia,
- Period of German occupation and Independent State of Croatia,
- Period of socialist Yugoslavia.


1.    State Vakf Commission for BiH, 1883.-1889., 59 boxes, 5,5m2 (lineal meters);

2.    State Vakf Commission for BiH, 1890.-1895., 108 boxes, 8,5m2;

3.    State Vakf Directorate for BiH, 1895.-1909., 60 boxes, 80 volumes, 20m2;

4.    Ulama-majlis, 1884.-1958., 160 volumes, 34m2;


5.    Vakf-Mearif Committee, 1909.-1930., 223 volumes, 61m2;

6.    Vakf Directorate, 1930.-1941., 201 volumes, 48m2;

7.    Vakf Headquarters in Sarajevo, 1941.-1946., 69 volumes, 16m2;

8.    Vakf Directorate in Sarajevo, 1946.-1952., 44 volumes, 8m2;

9.    Mufti units:

a) Travnik, 1916-1930, 5 volumes,
b) Tuzla, 1916-1935, 7 volumes,
c) Mostar, 1916-1936, 8 volumes,
d) Sarajevo, 1916-1936, 13 volumes,
e) Banja Luka, 1916-1936, 13 volumes,
f) Bihać, 1916-1929, 5 volumes.
Total for Mufti Units: 49 volumes, 12 lineal meters.

10.    Regional Vakf-Mearif Directorate in Sarajevo, 1930-1946, 60 volumes, 12lineal meters;

11.    District Vakf-Mearif Directorate in Sarajevo, 1946-1949, 30 volumes, 5 lineal meters;

12.    Supreme Islamic Council of the Socialist Yugoslavia, 1930-1992, 239 folders, 20 lineal meters.

Starješinstvo islamske vjerske zajednice u BiH, 1969.-1978., 90 kutija, 8 metara dužnih;


1.    Collection of mutawalli’s balance sheets and budgets, 1910-1971, 544 volumes, 70 lineal meters,

2.    Miscellaneous, 1930-1993, 74 meters,

3.    Collection of accounting and financial materials of El-Kalem and Riyasat, 1973-1993, 24 lineal meters,

4.    Mukate, 1910-1911, 29 volumes, 5 lineal meters,

5.    Collection of land registration books for the property of vakf and the Islamic Community, 1910-1911, 37 volumes,

6.    Confidential archives, 1930-1950, 13 volumes, 3 lineal meters,

7.    Project documentation, socialist period, 2 lineal meters.


Archive books are related to protocols, financial and material operations of the institutions of Islamic Community from various periods. They are organized per years and per funds. Listed are 1558 books covering the period of 1878 to 1992, 97lineal meters.